Pure Magic brand began its history in 2019 and has already managed to win the love of customers around the world.

While combining the highest quality materials with the art of tailoring in a little Pure Magic tailor shop there are born precious outfits for girls, inspired by the luxury and elegance of Belle Epoque.

The dresses of Pure Magic are unique limited edition designs. The entire process of creating our products is exclusively manual labour, each dress is made from start to finish by one tailor. An original combination of textures, solutions for a unique cut, exquisite hand-made embroidery with crystals, beads, pearls grant luxury and uniqueness to the designs of Pure Magic.


The philosophy of Pure Magic brand is that children's dresses should be a wonderful work of art and delight with exceptional quality.

Convenience and comfort of the clothes is provided by the inner lining, all the inner seams of the clothes are hidden. Details decorated with ostrich feathers and hand-embroidered crystals are attached using snap fasteners since it guarantees convenience, when taking care of the dress.

An exclusive dress belt provides a perfect fit to the waist and allows adjusting the size of the dress.

Every luxury Pure Magic dress is unique in itself, as is the girl who wears it. Pure Magic is genuine values for real princesses.